Lonicera Hall
Maria F. Ganong Seniors Residence

Our History

In the year 1903, Gilbert Ganong purchased the Porter home from Bessie and Annie Porte, daughters of the original owners.The original Porter house was built in 1841 by James Porter.  It was a white clap-board home with the front entry facing the St. Croix River. James and Marie (Christie) Porter had eleven children, and the youngest daughter, Annie Porter, was one of the first guests to take up residence when it became the Old Folks Home, continuing to live in the home until her death in 1944.
Mr. Ganong was particularly interested in developing the grounds around the home and his favourite shrub was the honeysuckle. The name Lonicera is derived from the botanical name for the honeysuckle, and was suggested to Mr. Ganong by his friend James Vroom.  Since the house had been built so many years before, the outlook from its windows had changed and the spacious front lawns were now enclosed by the back of Water Street (now Milltown Boulevard) buildings.  Mr. Ganong found the foundation timbers were still in fine condition and he had the house turned completely around.   Also he added the verandahs, front gables, corner tower and bay windows.

Although there have been numerous upgrades over the years,  Lonicera has been ushered into the modern era while still respecting its distinct character.


All meals are prepared and provided to the residents.
Rooms and bathrooms are cleaned regularly.
Laundry service provided once a week.
Private parking and rear deck entrance leading into elevator foyer.
Residents are encouraged to enjoy fellowship with friends and neighbours and families are always welcome to visit and celebrate special occasions.


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Suites starting at $1,800.00 (includes services and amenities)
Suites rate vary according to size.
Rooms with ½ bath starting at $1,600.00 (includes services and amenities)

Administrator, Pat Stevens

Lonicera boasts a dedicated and caring staff.  The seven full time staff members are the life blood of the home.  Residents families can have peace of mind knowing that Lonicera provides 24-hour supervision and will respond quickly in case of need.
To become a resident, one needs to be ambulatory, and able to perform activities of daily living. Although Lonicera does not provide special care, residents may access assistance from extra mural, home support or physiotherapy.



28 Union Street
St. Stephen, N.B.
E3L 1T1